Conqueror (a.k.a. RPS-01) is an entry-level mid-tower case from Rosewill with some interesting features usually found only on more expensive models, like meshed bay covers with dust filters, three 120 mm fans and two removable hard disk drive cages. Let’s take an in-depth look at this case.

Conqueror is available in black with two options of color for the front panel opening, black or silver, and with or without a transparent side window. We reviewed the black-panel version with a transparent side window (a.k.a. RPS-01-W BK).

Rosewill Conqueror CaseFigure 1: Rosewill Conqueror case.

Rosewill Conqueror CaseFigure 2: Rosewill Conqueror case.

As you can see in Figure 1, you can add a 120 mm fan on the transparent side panel if you want extra cooling.

This case has a front door, shown in Figure 3.

Rosewill Conqueror CaseFigure 3: Front door.

In Figure 4, you can see the front panel with the door opened. This case has nine 5.25” bays and all of them can be used by 5.25” devices, however the case comes with two removable hard disk drive cages that take three bays each (we will talk more about this later). The bay covers are meshed, which improves the case internal airflow (the front door would block the air intake, however the door has an opening as you can clearly see in Figure 4) and each one has a dust filter. Notice how the first cover has a 3.5” bezel.

Rosewill Conqueror CaseFigure 4: Front panel.


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