Tagan A+ Curbic Case Review

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A+ Curbic is a very simple steel mid-tower case that Tagan will be launching very soon, featuring four external 5.25” bays and seven internal 3.5” bays. This case, however, has some features that make it better than other inexpensive mid-tower cases, like two big 180 mm fans with on/off switch and speed control (one on the front panel and other on the left panel) and screwless mechanisms for daughterboards and disk drives. Let’s take an in-depth look at this forthcoming product from Tagan.

Curbic external appearance is better than other inexpensive mid-tower cases, as you can see on Figures 1 and 2.

Tagan A+ Curbic caseFigure 1: Tagan A+ Curbic case.

Tagan A+ Curbic caseFigure 2: Tagan A+ Curbic case.

You can clearly see on the above pictures the two 180 mm fans. Both of them have an on/off switch and a speed control knob. The on/off switch is very small and located on the lower right corner of the mesh present in front of the fans, as you can see on Figures 3 and 4.

Tagan A+ Curbic Figure 3: Side 180 mm fan. The arrow shows the on/off switch.

Tagan A+ Curbic Figure 4: Front 180 mm fan. The arrow shows the on/off switch.

Author: Gabriel Torres

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