The Radeon HD 6570 and Radeon HD 6670 were originally released at the beginning of the year as OEM products, i.e., available only for computer manufacturers. Last month, AMD released them on the retail market with a suggested price of USD 80 and USD 100, respectively.

The main competitor for the Radeon HD 6570 is the GeForce GT 440. They cost the same and are available in two different versions: with 512 MB GDDR5 memory running at a higher speed or with 1 GB DDR3 memory running at a lower speed.

The Radeon HD 6570 GDDR5 version has its memory running at 4 GHz (64 GB/s); while on the GeForce GT 440 GDDR5 version this clock rate is 3.2 GHz (51.2 GB/s). On the DDR3 version of both video cards the memory is accessed at 1.8 GHz (28.8 GB/s).

As the two versions cost the same, you will have to decide between having more memory or more memory bandwidth (i.e., available speed for the GPU to access the memory chips).

The sample AMD sent us is of the 512 MB GDDR5 version, and we are going to compare it against both versions of GeForce GT 440. We also included in our comparison a GeForce GT 430 and a Radeon HD 5570, both with 1 GB DDR3. In the table below, we compare the main specs of the video cards included in our review. They are all DirectX 11 parts. The prices listed below do not include rebates. Prices were researched at on the day we published this review.

Video Card Core Clock Shader Clock Memory Clock (Real) Memory Clock (Effective) Memory Interface Memory Transfer Rate Memory Shaders Price
GeForce GT 430 700 MHz 1.4 GHz 900 MHz 1.8 GHz 128-bit 28.8 GB/s 1 GB DDR3 96 USD 70
GeForce GT 440 810 MHz 1.62 GHz 900 MHz 1.8 GHz 128-bit 28.8 GB/s 1 GB DDR3 96 USD 76 – 90
GeForce GT 440 810 MHz 1.62 GHz 1.6 GHz 3.2 GHz 128-bit 51.2 GB/s 512 MB GDDR5 96 USD 76 – 90
Radeon HD 5570 650 MHz 650 MHz 900 MHz 1.8 GHz 128-bit 28.8 GB/s 1 GB DDR3 400 USD 65 – 70
Radeon HD 6570 650 MHz 650 MHz 2 GHz 4 GHz 128-bit 64 GB/s 512 MB GDDR5 480 USD 76 – 80

You can compare the specs of these video cards with other video cards by taking a look at our AMD ATI Chips Comparison Table and NVIDIA Chips Comparison Table tutorials. 

Now let’s take a complete look at the reference model of the Radeon HD 6570.


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