This is the gamepad that comes bundled for free with GeForce 7800 GTX from XFX, which we have already reviewed. Its layout is similar to Playstation 2 controllers, with two analog sticks, one digital pad, eight buttons, vibrating mode, macro mode, turbo mode and three shortcut buttons (select, start and clear). It uses USB connection and it comes with a very long 10-feet (3 meters) cable.

XFX Xgear Dual Reflex Controller GamepadFigure 1: Box of Xgear Dual Reflex Controller.

XFX Xgear Dual Reflex Controller GamepadFigure 2: Xgear Dual Reflex Controller gamepad.

XFX Xgear Dual Reflex Controller GamepadFigure 3: Xgear Dual Reflex Controller gamepad, back view.

When you install it on an USB port of your computer, it starts to glow in a green light.

XFX Xgear Dual Reflex Controller GamepadFigure 4: A green light turns on as you install it to an USB port.

As you can see on the pictures above, four buttons are on the top of the gamepad, and four buttons are on its back, for a total of eight buttons. You will also find six extra buttons:

  • Mode: Turns the vibrating mode on or off.

  • Macro: Turns the macro mode on or off. With this function you can create a shortcut on one of the gamepad’s button to repeat up to 15 commands. Excellent for those games with strange key sequences to awesome moves (this remembers me my Mortal Kombat days).

  • Turbo: Turn on the turbo mode, which allows the controller to repeat fire commands by itself.

  • Clear: Clears the programming.

  • Select: Used in some games.

  • Start: Used in some games.

The configuration software that comes with this gamepad is very interesting. Let’s talk about it.

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