Although the computer mouse has become more accurate over the years, there has been little change in the style of this common computer component since Douglas Engelbart invented it in 1963. Now, however, Microsoft has released a mouse that is really different. It has an entirely new look with a refined, modern style. We took a look see if this little device had as much substance as style.

Figure 1, shows that even the box from the Arc Touch mouse is stylish and well-designed. The red and white box has a nicely weighted, slightly magnetic flap that opens to reveal the mouse that is covered in plastic which has been created from recycled water bottles. To remove the mouse from the box, the mouse-holding tray slides out from the side of the box. There are only two small seals to break. The plastic cover simply lifts off the mouse – no plastic to cut or ties to deal with. Kudos to Microsoft for making a stylish, easy-to-open box that produces a minimum amount of waste material.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse ReviewFigure1: The Arc Touch box

The contents of the box are shown in Figure 2. Included are the mouse, a small Start Here guide, two AA batteries, and a very small transceiver.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse ReviewFigure 2: What’s in the box

When the mouse itself is revealed, it doesn’t look at all like a traditional mouse. In fact, as shown in Figure 2, when the Arc Touch mouse comes out of the box, it is flatter than any other mouse we’ve seen. In fact, if you see it lying on a table or desk in its flat position, you may not even recognize it as a mouse. At 2.32 x 5.12 x 0.59 inches (58.8 x 130 x 5 mm), this mouse is both flat and thin. It can easily fit into a shirt pocket.

Although the Arc Touch might look like it is a little flimsy that is not at all the case. It is strong and sturdy. When in the arched position, it stays upright even when normal pressure is asserted on the top. The part of the mouse that curves is covered in a soft rubber-like material giving it a good tactile feel.


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