Our readers are used to our reviews of several gaming-oriented peripherals like headsets, mice and keyboards. Since life cannot be just fun and games (unfortunately), this time we faced a work-related device: Logitech’s K800, a wireless keyboard that provides a fantastic typing experience due to its very comfortable keys. It was so great that the work itself didn’t bother us that much. Let’s talk about the physical characteristics of the keyboard and then describe its new features to see how the K800 fared in our test.

K800 keyboardFigure 1: The K800 keyboard

With an elegant design, the K800 is a slim model that would enhance any office desk, being either hooked to a PC or a notebook – as an alternative to a laptop’s usually cramped keyboard. The 12 function keys can launch additional functions when the FN key – located between the right Alt and Control – is pressed. They launch an e-mail client, control media files (play, pause, change file etc) and the level of brightness.

K800 keyboardFigure 2: Function keys

The illumination is the main feature of the keyboard aside from being wireless. A motion sensor detects if the user’s hands are near and controls the level of brightness in response to the ambient light. So the darker the room, the more intense the illumination. The user can also choose to control the level of brightness according to his or her tastes (even to leave the keyboard unlit). Of course, the battery consumption will be affected by those choices. Logitech says that a regular battery charge (through a mini USB/USB cable) will last for 10 days if the user relies on the motion sensor and turns off the keyboard while it’s not being used. In our test, the battery lasted for 7 days with the factory charge. If you can’t use the cable, it’s possible to recharge the K800 with 2 AA batteries. But the battery case is kept close by a tiny screw – it would be better if it was a snap-on case.

K800 keyboardFigure 3: The battery compartment and mini USB port

K800 keyboardFigure 4: Illuminated keyboard

On the upper right side the user finds the battery level indicator and the on/off button.

K800 keyboardFigure 5: The battery level indicator and the on/off button

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