If you are building a high-end computer, you will want a high-end memory kit. One of this kits is the Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 64 GiB, model number HX430C15PB3K4/64, which comes with four 16 GiB DDR4-3000 modules for use with dual- or quad-core systems. Let’s test this kit, check it out!

The HX430C15PB3K4/64 kit comes with four 16 GiB DDR4 modules, for a total of 64 GiB. This is a big amount of memory, and can satisfy the most demanding domestic users. As the high-end socket LGA2011-v3 motherboards come with eight DDR4 slots, really hardcore users can buy two of those kits to achieve 128 GiB of RAM, but for LGA1151 motherboards, 64 GiB is the limit on high-end motherboards. On X99 systems, you can use this kit in quad-core configuration, but it will work well in dual-channel mode if your system is limited to it.

This family also include kits with other configurations and capacities, like 32 GiB (2x 16 GiB and 4x 8 GiB), 16 GiB (2x 8 GiB and 4x 4 GiB), which can suit more modest configurations. There are also HyperX Predator DDR4 kits with speeds of 3,200 MHz and 3,333 MHz.

While current high-end CPUs that use CPUs like the Core i7-6950X, officially support DDR4 memory up to 2400 GHz, it may be good to use faster memories, mostly if you are into overclocking. And, as the DDR4 standard is relatively new on the market, if is possible that future CPUs will support higher speed memory.

The HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 kit supports up to 3,000 MHz speed, but you can also use it at lower speeds. Actually, it has three main modes at the SPD: JEDEC DDR4-2400 (CL17-17-17, at 1.2 V), XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) DDR4-2666 (CL15-17-17, at 1.35 V), and XMP DDR4-3000 (CL15-17-17, at 1.35 V). You need to set which configuration will be used at your motherboard setup.

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