On-ear headphones are all the rage right now on the streets, and in this particular niche of the market, style and usefulness are even more important than actual audio performance. And style and usefulness are really the strong points about the Fly, which marks Gigabyte’s entry on the audio scene. It’s extremely light (only 2.7 oz or 79 g), plus it features a thin retractable headband and two 40-mm drives that are responsible for a deep bass response. We’ll start by describing the product and then we’ll see how it fared during the test.

FlyFigure 1: Fly Headphone

The design catches the eye: the headband has no padding, and it is just a thin metal brace 0.2 inch (5 mm) wide. The headband is adjustable and it seems to disappear inside the earcups.

FlyFigure 2: Thin headband

The earcups have a small decorative blue stripe on the middle and small round markings (also in blue) near the cable to indicate the left and right cup. A blue ring links each driver unit to its padded earcup.

FlyFigure 3: Earcups’ blue details

FlyFigure 4: Padded earcup interior

To maintain the visual signature, the cable is also blue and comes with a velcro strap to help organize it. The L-shaped connector is very resistent and ends in a gold-plated 3.5 mm plug.

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