The Aivia Neon is a hybrid between a conventional wireless mouse and an air presenter. It works both on the table and in the air, changing functions with the press of a button and a flick of the wrist. Besides the double duty, it also features a laser pointer. We will first describe its unusual body design and then examine its performance.

NeonFigure 1: Aivia Neon

The device’s shape is a far cry from a traditional mouse body and it looks like an stylized footprint. It is very small and curvy towards the base. On the top, the user finds the two main buttons and the scroll wheel. Right below the wheel, there are three buttons: the first one from the top controls the air scrolling; the middle button engages the drawing tool, and the last one is the red laser pointer.

NeonFigure 2: Buttons up close

On the left side, in the middle of the thumb rest, there is the button to engage the presenter function. The cover for the high density Li-ion battery is right above it, and the USB receiver can be plugged into it. On the corner there is a LED to indicate the battery level.

NeonFigure 3: Left side button and battery cover

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