AMD launched recently a new version of its FX-6350 processor, this time with the new stock cooler called Wraith. This CPU has six cores, runs at 3.9 GHz base clock and 4.2 GHz maximum clock, and used socket AM3+. Let’s check if is it a good CPU for work and gaming.

AMD does not announce a new FX processor for a long time, but the latest news is the launch of the new stock cooler, capable of cooling the CPUs with TDP of 125 W. At first, this new cooler, called “Wraith”, was escorting only the FX-8370 and the A10-7890K CPUs, but AMD soon announced that the FX-8350 and the FX-6350 could also come with it.

The FX-6350 is a six-core CPU, based on “Vishera” core, manufactured under 32 nm technology, with TDP of 125 W, socket AM3+, base clock of 3.9 GHz and turbo clock of 4.2 GHz. It is a mainstream model, like the FX-6300, which differs mainly because of the 100 MHz lower clock, and the lower TDP (95 W “only”).

Using price as parameter, the direct competitor of the FX-6350 is the Core i3-6100 from Intel. Besides that, AMD itself offers another CPU with similar price tag, the A10-7870K, which has four cores, uses socket FM2+ and comes with Radeon R7 integrated video.

Therefore, to test the FX-6350, we ran some programs and games, comparing its performance to the direct competitor (Core i3-6100), but also to the A10-7870K. Besides that, we also included on the comparison the FX-8350, which is similar to the FX-6350, but with two more cores and 100 MHz higher base clock.

As the FX-6350 (and every socket AM3+ processor) has no integrated video, we ran the tests using an independent video card. As it is a mainstream processor, it would make no sense using a high-end video card; so we used a GeForce GTX 950 from Gigabyte (read this video card review here.) On the other CPUs, we disabled the integrated video and used the same video card.

Figure 1 unveils the box of the FX-6350 with Wraith cooler we used in our tests.

FX-6350 ReviewFigure 1: box of the FX-6350 with Wraith cooler

Figure 2 presents the CPU itself.

FX-6350 ReviewFigure 2: the FX-6350 processor

Figure 3 shows the bottom of the CPU.

FX-6350 ReviewFigure 3: underside of the FX-6350

As we mentioned, the new thing is that now you can find the FX-6350 with the new AMD “Wraith” cooler. It has a copper base, four heatpipes, and a 92 mm fan. In Figure 4 you see the Wraith aside with the standard AMD cooler for 95 W CPUs, that came with the A10-7870K. We will review this cooler in another article.

FX-6350 ReviewFigure 4: the Wraith cooler (left) compared to the stock AMD cooler (right)

Let’s compare the main specs of the reviewed CPUs in the next page.