Playing with the QuickFire Stealth

The product is recommended for users who know their way around a keyboard without having to follow the labels to look for the keys. A quick peek down might cost a virtual life or a mission objective during a game match. The QuickFire Stealth is best used on FPS games, because they usually do not require a lot of macros or special commands – those can be set on a good gaming-grade mouse.

The detachable cable is a great idea to make this compact keyboard even more portable; however, the niche that houses the mini-USB port is a little hard to reach to plug the cable in. The grooves help managing the cable in a more organized way.

QuickFire StealthFigure 7: Mini-USB port

Without a numeric pad, using the QuickFire Stealth for work (especially with spreadsheets) or even accessing websites that require entering codes and IDs is a little hard. Also, long writing sessions can be a drag if the user does not have a knack for typing. We missed a wrist rest.

As it happened with the QuickFire XT, we noticed the loud sound from the Cherry MX Blue switches. Our teammates, chatting over a teleconference, heard our typing loud and clear being picked up by the headset. The light tactile response made the keyboard very agile and trustworthy during several hours of virtual warfare.


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