Recently, we reviewed the QuickFire XT keyboard from Cooler Master’s CM Storm line-up, and now it is time for us to review the QuickFire Stealh, a compact mechanical keyboard with a unique visual signature: the keys are labeled on the front side, not the top. So, from an upside view, the markings are almost invisible. We will talk about this design now and then proceed to evaluate its performance.

QuickFire StealthFigure 1: Quick Fire Stealth Keyboard

The QuickFire Stealth is basically a compact keyboard without a numeric pad on the right side. As we said, all the labels were applied to the front side of each key. Viewed from above, it is completely dark. It features neither illumination, nor programmable keys, but there is a function (Fn) button beside the Right Ctrl that disables both Windows keys and engages the multimedia controls (F5-F12). The product is sold with a choice of four Cherry MX switches, depending on the region the consumer is in. CM Storm sent us a sample with the Cherry MX Blue; we will talk more about its characteristics later on.

QuickFire StealthFigure 2: Key details

QuickFire StealthFigure 3: Cherry MX Blue Switch

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