Nowadays, the gaming market is being flooded with mechanical keyboards. Following this trend, CM Storm, Cooler Master’s gaming peripherals subsidiary, has released the QuickFire Pro. It’s a model with a few illuminated keys (Cherry MX switches) on a robust body with a detachable cable. The keyboard is simple, lacking programmable keys or a USB port. Let’s describe the product prior to analyzing it.

QuickFire ProFigure 1: CM QuickFire Pro

The QuickFire Pro catches the eye with its sturdy body and unusual letter type applied to the 104 keys. Above the numeric pad are three LEDs for the Scroll Lock, Caps Lock and Num Lock keys. Next to the left Ctrl key there is a Function key that commands other special functions, about which we’re going to comment later.

QuickFire ProFigure 2: Numeric pad

QuickFire ProFigure 3: Keyboard thickness

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