As we mentioned on the FX-6350 CPU Review, AMD is selling some of their CPUs with a new cooler, called Wraith. Let’s see how it performs. Check it out!

The Wraith comes with the promise to be more powerful and quieter than the stock cooler AMD has been selling with their box high-TDP CPUs. Is it important to remember that, since the Athlon 64, launched in 2003, the physical standards for the AMD coolers is the same. However, there are several different stock coolers. On the low-end CPUs, like the A4 or A6, the stock cooler is a small all-aluminum model. On the FX and A10 models, however, the included stock cooler is bigger, with copper base and heatpipes.

The Wraith was initially announced as a companion for the FX-8370, but now it can also come with the FX-8350 and the FX-6350. Some models are sold in two options, with the stock cooler or with the Wraith, and there is a small price difference (USD 10 or USD 25) between models with different coolers.

Figure 1 shows the Wraith, which has a big frame around the fan.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 1: the Wraith cooler

Figure 2 shows the Wraith side by side with the 125W AMD stock cooler.

AMD Wraith coolerFigure 2: the Wraith (left) and the AMD stock cooler (right)

This cooler is discussed in detail in the following pages.