Some interesting results emerged from our tests. First, it shows that the Athlon 5150 is consistently a little faster than the A4-5000, which was expected, since they use the same technology, but the Athon 5150 has slightly higher clock rates.

Secondly, it is clear that the Athlon 5150 has less CPU processing power than the Pentium J2900, but it is superior in GPU graphics processing power. It seems like the Athon 5150, differently from other CPUs in the same category we reviewed so far, can actually be used for casual gaming, if you wish to run only older games at their minimum quality settings.

Keeping in mind that the Athlon 5150 is only USD 15 more expensive than tha Sempron 2650, and a combo with an Athlon 5150 and a compatible motherboard is cheaper than a motherboard with a Pentium J2900 processor embedded, we can conclude that the Athlon 5150 presents a good cost/benefit ratio, being a good option for the costumer who wants to build a cheap computer with reasonable power, specially for multimedia applications.