Recently, we reviewed the Sempron 2650, which is a low-TDP CPU (or APU), comparing it to the “Bay Trail-D” Celeron J1800 CPU, since both are the most inexpensive dual-core desktop processors from AMD and Intel, respectively. We also tested the A4-5000, and the Pentium J2900, which are quad-core CPUs for the same market segment. Today, we bring you the review of the Athlon 5150, a quad-core processor that also competes in the same market share. Let’s check if is it faster than the other low-cost processors we tested so far.

The Athlon 5150 is part of the “Kabini” family that uses the socket FS1b (a.k.a. socket AM1).

The AMD “Kabini” and Intel “Bay Trail-D” processors are SoC (System On a Chip) CPUs, which means they include in the chip the processing cores, the memory controller, the video controller, and also the chipset. This helps both platforms to keep their low cost and low TDP.

Figure 1 unveil the Athlon 5150 CPU.

Athlon 5150Figure 1: the Athlon 5150 processor

Let’s compare the main specs of the reviewed CPUs in the next page.