After testing two of the most inexpensive processors for desktop computers (A6-6400K and the Pentium G3220), it is time for us to test two mainstream models for the same platforms: the A10-6800K and the Core i3-4150. Let’s see which one is the best pick.

Both the A10-6800K from AMD and the Core i3-4150 from Intel are mainstream desktop processors with integrated video, costing around USD 125. However, some people may think the A10-6800K is a high-end CPU, while the Core i3-4150 is an entry level one, since Intel offers a large amount of more expensive models, while there are a only a few AMD models that cost more than the A10-6800K. But it is important to keep in mind they are direct competitors, since they are similar products that cost virtually the same.

Another important detail is that, while the A10-6800K is a quad-core processor, the Core i3-4150 is a dual-core one, but due to the Hyper-Threading technology, it is detected by the operating system as having four processing cores.

Figures 1 and 2 unveil the two tested CPUs.

A10-6800K vs Core i3-5150Figure 1: the A10-6800K CPU

A10-6800K vs Core i3-5150Figure 2: the Core i3-4150 CPU

Let’s compare the main specs of the tested CPUs in the next page.