ZM750-HP is a 750 W power supply from Zalman featuring a modular cabling system, a 120 mm fan and a heat-pipe-based heatsink to cool down the secondary rectifiers. We had already reviewed the 600 W model from this series, ZM600-HP, and liked it a lot. Let’s see if the 750 W model is also great.

Zalman ZM750-HPFigure 1: Zalman ZM750-HP.

This power supply is small, being 6 ½” deep (16.5 cm), while we’ve seen some products on the same power range using a bigger form factor, 7 3/32” (180 mm) deep.

As mentioned, this product has a 120 mm fan (dual ball bearing) on its bottom side, which is our preferred configuration.

Besides the main motherboard cable (20/24-pin connector) and the ATX12V/EPS12V cable (two ATX12V connectors that together form an EPS12V connector) this power supply also has one auxiliary power cable for video cards (6-pin connector) and one SATA power cable (with three SATA power plugs) coming directly from inside its housing.

This power supply also comes with a 6/8-pin auxiliary video card power cable, two SATA power cables with three SATA plugs each, three peripheral power cables with three standard peripheral power plugs each, one adapter to convert any standard peripheral power plug into two floppy disk drive power plugs and a power adapter for fans with speed control, i.e., you can choose to connect the fan to the +12 V wire (full speed) or to the +5 V wire (a little bit less than half the speed).

All wires used on this power supply are 16 AWG, which are thicker than the traditional 18 AWG wires used – which is outstanding. The only wire that isn’t 16 AWG is the -12 V wire (22 AWG), but this is far from being an issue since this output can handle very little current.

Zalman ZM750-HPFigure 2: Zalman ZM750-HP.

Zalman ZM750-HPFigure 3: Cables that come with the product.

ZM750-HP features active PFC, allowing Zalman to sell it in Europe. As for efficiency, Zalman says this unit has a maximum 86% efficiency. We think it is strange a manufacturer mentioning the maximum value for efficiency but not the minimum.

Like ZM600-HP, this power supply is manufactured by FSP, which is the company also in charge of power supplies from several other manufacturers, in particular OCZ GameXStream and StealthXStream series.

Now let’s take an in-depth look inside this power supply.

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