Zalman is about to launch a new very high-end all-aluminum case, called Z-Machine or simply GT1000. This case is an evolution over their previous Fatal1ty case, check it out.

Z-Machine is based on Zalman Fatal1ty case, and the major differences are on the side door – on Z-Machine the side door is divide into two panels, while on Fatal1ty the side door uses a single panel – and more internal hard disk drive bays on Z-Machine (six internal bays against three on Fatal1ty). The rest of the specs are just about the same: we are talking about a case 100% built with 5-mm anodized aluminum.

Z-Machine will be available in two colors, black and titanium, and we took a look at the titanium version.

Zalman ZMachine GT1000 CaseFigure 1: Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 case (this sample was authographed by Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel).

As you can see in Figure 1, this case has four 5 ¼” bays and one 3 ½” bay (plus the seven internal 3 ½” bays).

On Figures 2 and 3 you can see the side door, which is divided into two panels, making it easier to open and remove or add components inside the PC.

Zalman ZMachine GT1000 CaseFigure 2: Side door.

Zalman ZMachine GT1000 CaseFigure 3: Side door.

In Figure 4, you can see the switches, connectors and LEDs that are available on the case frontal panel: power switch, power LED, two HDD LEDs, reset switch, headphone jack, mic in jack, two USB ports and one FireWire port. Since this is a very high-end case, we think it could have come with an eSATA port as well, since this feature is starting to appear on high-end cases from other brands.

Zalman ZMachine GT1000 CaseFigure 4: Switches, connectors and LEDs on the case frontal panel.


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