This time we are benchmarking the Zalman CNPS5X SZ, a mainstream CPU cooler with a vertical heatsink, three U-shaped heatpipes and a 92 mm fan. Check it out!

Pay attention because Zalman offers two coolers with similar names, the CNPS5X and the CNPS5X SZ. The main difference is that the "SZ" model is sold only in the US and its fan uses a hydraulic bearing, while the other model is distributed in other countries and uses an "enter bearing".

The CNPS5X SZ is a tower cooler that resembles the Zalman CNPS8000A CPU cooler, which we already reviewed. Their heatsinks and fans are almost the same, but the CNPS8000A is a horizontal, low-profile cooler, while on the CNPS5X SZ the heatsink is vertical.

The CNPS5X SZ box is small, as you can see in Figure 1.

Zalman CNPS5XFigure 1: Package

In Figure 2, you can see what comes inside the box: the cooler itself, a motherboard frame for Intel CPUs, thermal compound, and a manual.

Zalman CNPS5XFigure 2: Accessories

In Figure 3, you can see the CNPS5X SZ.

Zalman CNPS5XFigure 3: The Zalman CNPS5X SZ CPU cooler

In the next pages, you will see this cooler in detail.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master’s degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.