The CNPS11X Performa is another member of the CNPS11X family, like the CNPS11X Extreme that we already tested. Similar to its brother, it has a V-shaped heatsink and a 120 mm fan, but it has only four heatpipes. Let’s test it and discover which one performs better.

Comparing the CNPS11X Extreme and the CNPS11X Performa, they look pretty much alike at first sight. The only features they actually share are the shape of the heatsink and the size of the fan; while the Extreme has five heatpipes, the Performa has only four. The base is also different, as the Extreme has a nickel-plated base, and the Performa has direct-touch heatpipes. The fan is dissimilar, too.

The box of the CNPS11X Performa is presented in Figure 1.

Zalman CNPS11X PerformaFigure 1: Package

Figure 2 shows the contents of the box: the cooler itself, a small bag of thermal compound, a manual, and installation hardware.

Zalman CNPS11X PerformaFigure 2: Accessories

Figure 3 displays the Zalman CNPS11X Performa.

Zalman CNPS11X PerformaFigure 3: The CNPS11X Performa

This cooler is discussed in detail in the following pages.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master’s degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.