Introduction (Cont’d)

Young Year YP-AB Transparent Power SupplyFigure 4: Young Year YP-AB Power Supply.

It is impossible to not have an opinion about the aesthetics of this power supply: you will either love it or hate it. In our case, we liked its transparent cover, however we found the color choice for the plastic parts too cheesy – we think this power supply would be more beautiful if all its plastic parts were also transparent. Of course this is a matter of personal taste. All plastic parts were made lime yellow in order to glow under UV light. The power supply heatsinks and the main electrolytic capacitors (from the voltage doubler) also glow under UV light.

This power supply has only three peripheral power cables: one Serial ATA power cable containing only one SATA power connector and two peripheral power cables containing three standard peripheral power connectors and one floppy disk drive power connector each. The main motherboard cable has a 20-pin connector, with a 4-pin extension in order to transform it into a 24-pin connector. No auxiliary PCI Express connector is provided.

Young Year YP-AB Transparent Power SupplyFigure 5: Power supply cables. The plastic parts are UV-sensitive.

All wires are 20 AWG, which are too thin for today’s requirements.

This power supply has a potentiometer to manually control the speed of its fans, as you can see in Figure 6.

Young Year YP-AB Transparent Power SupplyFigure 6: Fan speed control.

As you can also see in Figure 6, this power supply has a 110/220 V switch, meaning that it doesn’t feature active PFC.

As already mentioned, this power supply housing is made of aluminum (blue on the model we bought).

We decided to fully disassemble this power supply to take a look inside.


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