Young Year YP-AB, which is also sold under several other brands (Aspire/Apevia, Levicom and Leadership), is an aluminum power supply with a big transparent acrylic cover, so you can see inside the power supply, being a very interesting choice for users that like transparent cases or cases with a transparent side window. Available in models ranging from 350 W to 520 W, in this article we fully disassembled this unit and discovered that internally it is a trashy “generic” power supply. Read on.

This power supply is actually manufactured by a Chinese company called Sun Pro.

The external looks of this power supply really caught our attention (see Figures 2, 3 and 4) and that is why we decided to buy in order to take a better look. After removing it from its box, you need to peel off the transparent film that protects the unit, like shown in Figure 1.

Young Year YP-AB Transparent Power SupplyFigure 1: Removing the transparent protective film that comes with this unit.

This power supply uses two 80 mm fans, one at its rear and the other on its front, as you can see on the pictures below.

Young Year YP-AB Transparent Power SupplyFigure 2: Young Year YP-AB Power Supply.

Young Year YP-AB Transparent Power SupplyFigure 3: Young Year YP-AB Power Supply.


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