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XFX PRO 650 W Core Edition Power Supply Review



XFX is impressing us with their line of power supplies, but this time they were able to outdo themselves. While writing our review and checking the numbers, we thought that this would be a nice USD 100 power supply, just to discover that XFX will be offering the PRO 650 W for only USD 80 after an instant USD 15 rebate. This is really impressive, as you will be able to take home a high-quality power supply at an outstanding price.

The highlights of the PRO 650 W include efficiency between 82% and 85% at high temperatures (several 80 Plus Bronze power supplies we review fail to deliver 82% minimum efficiency at high temperatures, which fortunately isn’t the case with the reviewed product), very tight 3% voltage regulation (i.e., voltages closer to their nominal values than necessary), ultra low noise and ripple levels, five-year warranty, and a terrific number of cables and connectors for a 650 W power supply (four video card power connectors and eight SATA power connectors).

This power supply is already being sold in Europe and XFX will start selling it in the US very soon.

In summary, the XFX PRO 650 W provides an outstanding cost/benefit ratio if you are shopping for a high-quality power supply at an affordable price.