The Disk Drive Bays

The Thermaltake Core P3 supports up to four 3.5 inches or five 2.5 inches storage units.

On its exterior, there is an area (shown in Figure 11) where you can install up to two 3.5, three 2.5 inches inches drives, or a liquid cooling system radiator.  The area available for the drives will depend on the size of the radiator installed. For example, if you install a 120 mm radiator, you can install two 2.5 inches or one 3.5 inches drives, but if you install a 360 mm radiator, there will be no room here for drives.

The drives are attached here using regular screws, but the case come with rubber washers to help absorbing hard disk drive vibrations.

Thermaltake Core P3Figure 11: external disk drive bays

Inside the case there are two trays that support 3.5 or 2.5 inches drives. Each tray is secured by one thumbscrew.

Thermaltake Core P3Figure 12: internal disk drive bays

Figure 13 shows one of these trays, where you can install a 2.5 inches drive (using conventional screws) or a 3.5 inches hard disk drive (in this case, no tools are necessary).

Thermaltake Core P3Figure 13: one disk drive tray

Figure 14 shows one HDD and one SSD installed in the inner bays.

Thermaltake Core P3Figure 14: SSD and hard disk drive installed