The Thermaltake Core P3 Case is an open-air case, wall-mountable, focused on enthusiast users, where the PC components are exposed. Let’s analyze this uncommon case.

The Core P3 is avalable in four colors: black, white (Snow Edition, that is the one we analyzed), green and red.

Figure 1 shows a general view of the case. Notice that the left panel is a transparent acrylic plate supported by four metal pieces, while there are actually no top, bottom, front, and rear panels. The right panel is the case itself, where the components are installed.

Thermaltake Core P3Figure 1: Thermaltake Core P3 case

One interesting detail on the Core P3 is the fact it comes unassembled, so you can assemble it the way you want.

Another characteristic is that there is room at the front can be used for watercooler radiators up to 420 mm, but it may also be used by storage units (hard disk drives and SSDs), fitting up to three 2.5 inches and two 3.5 inches units. So, the total number of bays will depend on the use of a radiator and its size.

Let’s take a closer look at the case in the next pages.