SilverStone GD01B-MXR is an HTPC (home Theater PC) computer case that supports ATX motherboards, unlike many other HTPC cases that accept only microATX models. GD01B-MXR comes in black and SilverStone also has this same case in silver, called GD01S-MXR. The "-MXR" means it is equipped with a front media display, and there are models without this display (without the suffix -MXR, obviously).

This device, moreover, turns your computer into a real digital home theater system. It comes with a remote control (see more in the next pages) that lets you to turn your computer on and off, select media functions, control music or DVD player, adjust volume, change media tracks and even use this remote control as mouse and virtual keyboard. With this panel you can actually replace your DVD player with a computer, with no keyboard and mouse, with all functionatilies you would find on a commercial player. If you use your computer as a common workstation, the display software allows you to configure it to show information such as new e-mails, graphic equalizer and even your city wheather forecast.

The case itself is made of steel, with an aluminum front panel, giving it a very nice looks. On the left side there is an air intake for the power supply, while on right side there is room for installing an exhaust 80 mm fan. On the case front side you can see the on/off button, two blue LEDs indicating power on and hard disk drive activity, the multimedia display and two doors, one hiding the disk drive bays and other for accessing the front panel connectors. We will see what’s under these doors on next page.

GD01B-MXRFigure 1: SilverStone GD01B-MXR.
GD01B-MXRFigure 2: Right side.
GD01B-MXRFigure 3: Left side.
GD01B-MXRFigure 4: Front panel.
Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master's degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.