The Savu mouse, a new model from Roccat, is a gaming-grade peripheral with an optical sensor (not a laser) that reaches 4,000 dpi of resolution. With only two lateral buttons, it features the same Easy-Shift[+] technology from the Kone[+] that we’ve already tested here. It increases the number of programmable functions without actually putting more physical buttons on the mouse. We’ll see those features in detail after we describe the product.

SavuFigure 1: The Savu mouse

The Savu is a right-handed mouse with a small-to-medium chassis, it has a rubberized top, and the laterals are made of rough plastic. On the top, there’s only the notched scroll wheel; there’s no button to change the resolution setting (which, in other models, usually sits below the wheel). It only scrolls vertically.

SavuFigure 2: Left side

By the way, the only extra buttons are the two traditional left side buttons above the deep thumb rest. The lower button (button 5) activates the Easy-Shift[+] function, which we’ll talk about later.

SavuFigure 3: Right side


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