Radeon R7 360 Video Card Review


We tested a Radeon R7 360 video card, which is the current entry-level video card from AMD. Let’s see how it performs compared to its competitor, the GeForce GTX 750 Ti. Check it out!

The card we tested is a HIS R7 360 iCooler OC 2GB, part number H360F2GD. You can check the product page here.

The Radeon R7 360 chip has 768 processing cores, and in the AMD reference model uses a 1,050 MHz maximum clock, but the HIS model comes with a small (2%) overclocking, running at 1,070 MHz. The tested card has 2 GiB of GDDR5 memory, running at 6.5 GHz, like on the reference model, which results in a 104 GiB/s bandwidth, with a 128 bit bus width. So, keep in mind that the results obtained are valid for the tested card; other models with different clock rates can show slightly different performance.

Figure 1 shows the Radeon R7 360 from HIS (H360F2GD).

Radeon R7 360Figure 1: the HIS Radeon R7 360

The direct competitor to the Radeon R7 360 chip is, by now, the GeForce GTX 750 Ti from NVIDIA. So, we are comparing the analyzed video card to a reference GeForce GTX 750 Ti card, shown in Figure 2. It has 2 GiB of GDDR5 memory running at 5.4 GHz, and 640 processing cores running at 1,085 MHz maximum clock.

Radeon R7 360Figure 2: the GeForce GTX 750 Ti

We also included in our comparison a GeForce GTX 950 from Gigabyte, just as a curiosity, so you can have an idea how entry-level card perform compared to a slightly more expensive video card. Remember, however, the GeForce GTX 950 is not a direct competitor to the Radeon R7 360; its actual competitor is the Radeon R7 370.

In the table below, we compare the main specs from the video cards we included in this review. Prices were researched at Newegg.com for this article.

Video card

Core clock

Turbo clock

Effective memory clock

Memory bus

Memory bandwidth


Processing cores




Radeon R7 360

1,070 MHz

1,070 MHz

6.5 GHz

128 bit

104.0 GB/s



100 W


USD 95

GeForce GTX 750 Ti

1,020 MHz

1,085 MHz

5.4 GHz

128 bit

86.4 GB/s



60 W


USD 95

GeForce GTX 950

1,102 MHz

1,279 MHz

6.6 GHz

128 bit

105.6 GB/s



90 W


USD 135

Now let’s take a closer look to the tested Radeon R7 360 video card.

Author: Rafael Coelho

Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master's degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.

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