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OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 W Power Supply Review



OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 W proved to be an outstanding mainstream 600 W power supply, surprising us at all and every level. Being an inexpensive unit that has only the standard 80 Plus certification, we were expecting it to achieve efficiency around 82-83% across the board, but in fact it could maintain efficiency between 83.5% and 86.6% when we pulled up to 480 W from it (81.9% at 600 W), almost granting it 80 Plus Bronze certification.

Voltage regulation from this unit is very tight, with all outputs within 3% from their nominal values (ATX12V specification allows a 5% tolerance – 10% for -12 V). And ripple and noise levels, although not as low as we’d like to see, were still below the maximum allowed.

This unit comes with a price tag of only USD 80 and if you live in the USA and buy it at Newegg.com you get a USD 25 mail-in rebate, making it to cost you only USD 55. Unbelievable!

The main competitor to OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 W is Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600 W, which we recently reviewed. Both achieved the same performance level, but the unit from Cooler Master has some advantages: more connectors, the cables from the modular cabling system are flat, lower noise and ripple levels, and we could pull up to 679 W from it – on this model from OCZ we couldn’t pass from the labeled 600 W. But it costs USD 100, making OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 W a bargain, being the power supply with one of the best cost/benefit ratios for the average user today.