GeForce 7900 GT Reference Model from NVIDIA

We removed the video card heatsink to take a look. It is all copper-made, as you can see in Figure 4.

GeForce 7900 GTFigure 4: The video card with its heatsink detached.

As you may have notice in Figure 2, the heatsink doesn’t touch the memory chips, so no cooling solution is provided for them.

This video card has eight GDDR3 256-Mbit 1.4 ns chips from Samsung (K4J55232QG-BC14), making its 256 MB video memory (256 Mbits x 8 = 256 MB). These chips can run up to 1.4 GHz. Since this video card accesses its memory at 1.32 GHz, there is only 6% headroom if you wish to overclock it inside its specs. As a curiosity, the Radeon X1900 GT we reviewed used the same memory chips but with a different speed grade (1.2 ns, BC12).

GeForce 7900 GTFigure 5: Memory chips from Samsung used on this card.

In Figure 6, you can see GeForce 7900 GT chip. As you can see, it is internally called G71-GT by NVIDIA.

GeForce 7900 GTFigure 6: GeForce 7900 GT chip.


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