The Lian-Li PC-T60 is an aluminum “test bench” style computer case, focused on enthusiasts and overclockers, where the PC components are exposed, with easy access to the motherboard. Let’s check this unusual case.

The PC-T60 is available in three colors: black (PC-T60B), silver (PC-T60A), and red (PC-T60R). We analyzed the silver version, where the case is simply not painted, with the natural aluminum color.

An amazing detail of the PC-T60 is that is comes entirely unassembled, and you must assemble it yourself. The parts come individually packed to avoid scratches. The problem is the assembling is a real puzzle, since the manual is confused, it small, low-quality, black-and-white photos of the steps. If you have never seen the case assembled, you will have to build it based on try-and-fail method. Some screws are common Phillips ones, and some are thumbscrews.

Figure 1 shows the PC-T60 assembled. You can see the big motherboard tray an, below it, the room for the power supply and storage units. On the top, there is a big aluminum handle.

Lian-Li PC-T60Figure 1: the Lian-Li PC-T60 case

As you see in Figure 1, there is no room for fans or radiators. According to the manufacturer website, you can buy a fan support, but we were not able to find it to sell.

Let’s take a closer look at the case in the next pages.