Convergence is the cornerstone of modern technology. We have monitors with integrated webcams, cellphones that function as PDAs and digital cameras, and biometric mice. Following that lead, the Canadian company KeyScan is releasing the KS810, a keyboard with an integrated scanner. Since is a sheet-feed scanner (just like a fax machine) it isn’t suited for digitalizing books or magazines; the KS810 only scans loose sheet, photos, flyers, business cards etc. If that meets the user’s necessities then the hybrid can solve problems like lacking table space for a regular scanner. Let’s examine the KS810 and its installation process and then check out its scanning capabilities.

KeyScan KS810 Keyboard-Scanner ReviewFigure 1: The KS810.

The KS810 is larger than a regular keyboard. It has six function buttons on the top left side (to start internet applications) and the sheet-feed slot that occupies the better part of the top of the keyboard. The opening features four quick scan keys to capture documents, copy, send by email or fax. Behind the KS810 there are two spare USB ports, a B-type plug USB output and an entrance for the A/C power adapter.

KeyScan KS810 Keyboard-Scanner ReviewFigure 2: Sheet-feed slot and back connections.


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