Notice: this article is a spontaneous recommendation. We did not receive any kind of incentive from Driver Booster or its parent company to recommend this program. We are publishing it because we believe it can be useful to our readers.

Keeping updated the device drivers on your computer is an important task to assure your computer can always reach its maximum performance, as well as be sure your computer is free from known issues. The problem is that most users don’t check if there are newer drivers for his or her computer components.

Some motherboard and laptop manufacturers offer utilities to keep motherboard (or laptop) BIOS and/or drivers updated, but most people don’t know this kind of program exists, or forget to install them. And even installing the software that comes with your motherboard or notebook, it does not verify every single driver.

There are several programs to keep the device drivers updated. One we find interesting and we recommend is called Driver Booster. Besides verifying device drivers, it also verifies operating system components that can be outdated, mostly C++ libraries that, when outdated, can offer smaller performance in games, compared to the latest versions.

The program is free, but there is a Pro version (paid), that offers some additional features, like a larger driver database, support to older and rare drivers, and automatic driver update when the program detects that there is a newer version of some driver. Free version allows automatic check, but you need to manually update the drivers.

Below, we show some screens of the program.

Driver BoosterFigure 1: Driver Booster detects outdated device drivers

Driver BoosterFigure 2: Driver Booster downloading updated drivers

After system rebooting, the operating system will detect the newer drivers. After this installation, it is possible that you have to reboot your computer again. Run the program once more to be sure all the drivers were successfully installed.

Driver BoosterFigure 3: confirming all the drivers were updated

Now let’s talk about some options of the program.


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist, a PhD student, and is a college professor in Brazil.