We took a walk on Silicon Valley today and we could see what’s new at Super Talent. They showed us two working DDR3 memory modules (not just dummy samples) with 512 MB each. Let’s take a look at what they got.

Super Talent DDR3Figure 1: DDR3 modules from Super Talent.

They showed two 512 MB modules to us, one using Samsung K4B510846E-ZCG8 chips and another one using Qimoda (ex-Infineon) IDSH51-03A1F1C-10F chips.

Super Talent DDR3Figure 2: Samsung DDR3 chip.

Super Talent DDR3Figure 3: Qimoda DDR3 chip.

The big question is when we will have DDR3-based motherboards – and at what price, of course.

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