A little less than one year ago, Corsair decided to expand into the PC case market. Their first offering, the full-tower Obsidian 800D, carried a heavy price tag (USD 300) and didn’t get our stamp of approval, even though it brought tons of features. Now Corsair is offering a brand new mid-tower case, the Graphite Series 600T, at a more affordable price, but carrying features usually found only on more expensive, full-tower models. Let’s see if Corsair has finally hit bull’s eye.

Although sober, the looks of the 600T are pretty cool, and the overall quality is pretty impressive. Two things catches the eye when first looking at it: the latches that hold the side panels, and the big knob available at the top to control the speed of the fans. The side panels open to the side vertically. Both panels are completely solid.

Corsair 600T caseFigure 1: Corsair 600T case

Corsair 600T caseFigure 2: Corsair 600T case

Corsair 600T caseFigure 3: Opening the Corsair 600T

No door is present on the front panel, and the 600T comes with four 5.25” bays, all using meshed covers with air filters. At the bottom part of the front panel the 600T has a 200 mm fan with an air filter. This air filter is easily removed by simply pushing it (the available mechanism will release the filter by pushing it, not by pulling it). No technical specifications about this fan are provided. It uses a three-pin power connector, so you can monitor their speed if you connect it on your motherboard, but most likely you will want to connect it to the available speed controller.

Corsair 600T caseFigure 4: Front panel

Corsair 600T caseFigure 5: Air filter removed


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