CM Sphere is the latest CPU cooler from Cooler Master, using a very unique design based on a radial fan. This cooler is 100% made of copper, using four heat-pipes and according to Cooler Master it also helps to cool down the components around the CPU, such as the motherboard voltage regulator and the chipset.

Cooler Master CM SphereFigure 1: CM Sphere box.

As you can see on Figures 2 and 3 this cooler really looks like a sphere, hence its name.

Cooler Master CM SphereFigure 2: CM Sphere CPU cooler.

Cooler Master CM SphereFigure 3: CM Sphere CPU cooler.

As you can see all parts are made of copper (fins, heat-pipes and base) and as we mentioned earlier this cooler features four heat-pipes, as you can see in Figure 4.

Cooler Master CM SphereFigure 4: Copper heat-pipes.

In Figure 4 you can also see in the middle of the cooler part of its radial fan (on Figure 5 we have a better view of this fan), which glows blue when the system is turned on. This kind of fan blows air more evenly compared to axial fans, which are the kind normally used on CPU fans. By the way, the first cooler we’ve seen using a radial fan was also a model from Cooler Master, called Aero 7, back in 2003.

Cooler Master CM SphereFigure 5: View from the top (see the radial fan).

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