Main Characteristics

The main characteristics of the Sonuz are the 2.0 stereo sound (more about it later) and the size of the peripheral. It’s a really huge headset, and since it’s not bendable, the Sonuz ends up taking a lot of desktop space. It also gives the impression of being clunky and heavy, but appearances can be deceiving; the Sonuz is comfortable, as long as the user adjusts it to his or her head size. There are 11 markings on each side of the headband for that purpose.

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 5: Adjustable size

The microphone is slightly bendable, so it’s somewhat limited in terms of positioning. For instance, it can’t be bent directly in front of the mouth, so it’s better to move it slightly below the mouth to clear the field of vision. Like everything else about the Sonuz, the microphone is also robust and aggressive looking. Removing the microphone is easy. Just pivot it upwards and pull it out.

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 6: Detached microphone

The mute key on the control unit is clicky, so the user really knows if it’s on or off, which prevents accidental uses.

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 7: Control unit and microphone jack lid


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