For those unwilling to put their money down on a 5.1 surround sound headset, there’s the option of choosing some less expensive models with 2.0 stereo sound. One of such models is the new Sonuz from CM Storm, a cheaper choice but one that doesn’t mean a cheap headset in terms of performance and design. On the contrary, this is a huge headset that looks like a leftover from the movie set of “Robocop,” with its futuristic and aggressive lines. Let’s take a look at its physical aspects and then proceed to the performance evaluation.

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 1: Sonuz headset

The Sonuz is a robust headset that catches the eye with its gigantic ear pads, featuring an internal diameter of 3.8” (97 mm). They spring from the outer structure like a flower. The inner headband is covered by a cloth-wrapped cushion; the same material also covers the ear pads and makes them breathable.

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 2: Cushioned headband

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 3: Speaker and microphone

As usual, the omni-directional microphone is located on the left ear cup, but it can be detached and even plugged in on the right ear cup. The Sonuz comes with a small lid to close the unused microphone jack. The microphone can also pivot upwards.

Sonuz HeadsetFigure 4: Microphone upwards

The cable is cloth-wrapped and ends up on two 3.5 mm plugs (one for the microphone, the other for the sound channel). In the middle of the cable, the user finds the control unit with a volume dial and a mute key.


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