Inside Dragon

The right panel is attached to the chassis using thumbscrews, however the left panel uses regular screws. This is not a problem as since the motherboard tray is permanently attached to the chassis, this case doesn’t have holes for routing cables behind the motherboard tray and it has screwless mechanisms for holding disk drives, you will need to remove the left panel almost never.

The right panel comes with a 220 mm fan attached to it, which also glows blue when turned on. Our big surprise was to see that the fan was really a 220 mm fan. As you may be aware by reading our reviews, several manufacturers add big 230 mm fans that are actually 190 mm fans with a bigger frame around them. This fortunately isn’t the case with Dragon. This fan also features a dust filter.

Chieftec DragonFigure 8: Side 220 mm fan.

You can have an overall look inside Chieftec Dragon in Figure 9.

Chieftec DragonFigure 9: Overall look inside Chieftec Dragon.

Although this case uses a good internal construction, we think that Chieftec could have painted the interior from this case black, especially when you see the price tag from this product. More on this later.

Daughter boards are fastened to the case using a steel screwless mechanism. This mechanism is definitely better than those cheap plastic mechanisms that easily break found on competing products; however we have our doubts if it would be better if the manufacturer used thumbscrews instead of this mechanism here.

Chieftec DragonFigure 10: Screwless mechanism to fasten daughterboards.

In Figure 11, you can see the two top 120 mm fans. As already explained, they glow blue when turned on and do not have dust filters.

Chieftec DragonFigure 11: Top 120 mm fans.

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