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Chieftec Dragon Case Review



Cases from Chieftec usually have a very “formal” looks and we were kind of surprised when we saw that Chieftec was going to release a case with more aggressive looks – by their standards, of course. Featuring four 120 mm fans and one big 220 mm fan, Dragon also supports a total of seven hard disk drives (if a 5.25”-to-3.5” adapter is used; otherwise the maximum number of hard disk drives you can have is six) and features a meshed design for improved airflow. Let’s take a look at this new mid-tower case from Chieftec.

Dragon is available in black with two color options for the top, front and side meshes: red (CH07B-R-OP, which was the model we reviewed) or black (CH07B-B-OP). The top, side and front fans glow blue when turned on.

Chieftec DragonFigure 1: Chieftec Dragon case.

Chieftec DragonFigure 2: Chieftec Dragon case.

The front and top panels used a meshed design, which improves airflow inside the case. The front panel can be seen in Figure 3. Dragon has four external 5.25” bays, with the lower one coming with a 5.25”-to-3.5” adapter. One 120 mm fan is available on the front panel, cooling down the hard disk drives. As mentioned, this fan glows blue when turned on and it has a dust filter, as you can see in Figure 4. To access this dust filter you need to remove the whole front panel and unscrew it, which is far from being practical. All fans from this case come with a three-pin power adapter, so you can install them on the motherboard in order to monitor their speed. They also come with adapters so you can install them directly on the power supply, if you wish. The manufacturer, however, doesn’t say anything about speed or noise level.

Chieftec DragonFigure 3: Front panel.

Chieftec DragonFigure 4: Front fan.