It is popular nowadays to capture your console or PC gameplay and share it with your friends or subscribers. The Live Gamer Portable is a video capture device from AVerMedia, which can capture up to Full HD (1080p) videos with or without a computer, from a video game console or a PC. It is clear from the name of the device that it is aimed at gamers who want to capture and save their gameplay, or even stream it on the web. Let’s see our thoughts about this product.

The small box of the Live Gamer Portable is shown in Figure 1.

AVerMedia Live Gamer PortableFigure 1: box

Inside the box, you found the device itself, a pouch to carry it, a video component input cable, a USB cable, an HDMI extension, an audio cable with 3.5 mm connectors, a cable for PlayStation 3, and the product manual.

AVerMedia Live Gamer PortableFigure 2: accessories

Figure 3 shows the top of the device. There is a big button at the center that starts and ends the video capture, and around it, a series of status LEDs.

AVerMedia Live Gamer PortableFigure 3: the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable

At the front of the Live Gamer Portable, there is a sliding switch that selects between PC mode, when the device works as a regular video capture device, and the PC-free mode, where the device works saving the captured video in an SD card, with no need for a computer.

AVerMedia Live Gamer PortableFigure 4: front view


Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master’s degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.