All Pentium 4 Models


Intel Pentium 4 Processor was released in November 2000, using Intel’s seventh x86 microarchitecture, called Netburst. Pentium 4 processors can be found in three different core versions: Willamette, Northwood and Prescott. In this tutorial we will talk about each core version and list all Pentium 4 models released to date.

The first Pentium 4 models used socket 423 pinout, which had 423 pins as the name implies. Later Pentium 4 models with 478 pins were released (socket 478), where, in spite of having more terminals, were smaller than socket 423 models. The latest Pentium 4 processors use a new pinout, called socket LGA775.

For complete information on how Pentium 4 processors work from inside, read our tutorial Inside Pentium 4 Architecture.

Author: Cassio Lima

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