The L700 Eclipse is the latest mid-tower case from the South-Korean 3R System, coming with three two-speed fan controllers and an external hard drive/SSD docking bay. Let’s check it out.

The reviewed case is available in three versions: “H” (“High-end”), “N” (“Normal”), and “E” (“Economic”). The “E” version has only one hard drive cage, supporting four hard drives, while the other two versions have two hard drive cages, supporting a total of seven hard drives. On the “H” version, the bottom hard drive cage has bays with a suspension mechanism called “Noise Killer.” The sample we received was for the “H” version.

3R Systems L-700 EclipseFigure 1: 3R System L700 Eclipse case

3R Systems L-700 EclipseFigure 2: 3R System L700 Eclipse case

The left panel has a big tinted window. The case doesn’t support the installation of fans on this panel.

3R Systems L-700 EclipseFigure 3: Left panel


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