Zalman GS1000 is a full tower case targeted to the high-end user that wants a good quality case full of features but doesn’t want to pay a lot for an all-aluminum product. Here is a summary of what we found about this case.

Strong Points

  • Outstanding quality. No sharp edges that you could cut yourself while building your PC.
  • Good price for a high-end full-tower case.
  • The number of hard disk drive bays is enough even for the most hardcore user.
  • Three hot-swap bays for hard disk drives was a great addition.
  • Handle for the power supply. 
  • Anti-vibration mechanisms for hard disk drives.
  • Space for one extra fan on the top and two extra fans on the bottom of the case.

Weak Points

  • The two USB ports are too close to each other, preventing you from installing two “fat” USB devices at the same time.
  • Could have an eSATA port.
  • No space for installing a fan to cool down your hard disk drives directly.

In summary, this is a terrific case for users that want a high-end case with aluminum panels but don’t want to give an arm to buy a very high-end all-aluminum model.

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