The Reviewed CPUs

In the tables below, we compare the main features of the CPUs included in our review.

CPU Cores HT IGP Internal Clock Turbo Clock Core Tech. TDP Socket
Core 2 Quad Q8300 4 No No 2.5 GHz No Yorkfield 45 nm 95 W LGA775
75Core i3-4150 2 Yes Yes 3.5 GHz No Haswell 22 nm 54 W LGA1150
Pentium N3700 4 No Yes 1.6 GHz 2.4 GHz Braswell 14 nm 6 W FCBGA1170
Athlon 5150 4 No Yes 1.6 GHz No Kabini 28 nm 25 W AM1

Below you can see the memory configuration for each CPU.

CPU L2 Cache L3 Cache Memory Support Memory Channels
Core 2 Quad Q8300 4 MiB No Up to DDR3-1066* Two*
Core i3-4150 2 x 256 kiB 3 MiB Up to DDR3-1600 Two
Pentium N3700 2 MiB No Up to DDR3L-1600 Two
Athlon 5150 2 MiB No Up to DDR3-1600 One

* On LGA 775 CPUs, the memory controlled was located at the chipset, not at the processor. So, those characteristics refer to the Intel G41 chipset.