The WD Blue 1,000 GiB

Figure 1 shows the box of the WD Blue 1,000 GiB.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 1: The WD Blue 1,000 GiB package

On Figure 2, we see the WD Blue 1,000 GiB, which has an aluminum case with plastic cover.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 2: the WD Blue 1,000 GiB

On the bottom of the drive, there is a sticker with unit info, as seen in Figure 3.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 3: bottom side

Opening the WD Blue (removing four Phillips screws), we see the PCB. At the solder side, there are no chips.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 4: solder side of the PCB

At the component side, we see wight flash memory chips, two DDR3 memory chips that work as a buffer, and the controller chip. Notice the SanDisk logo at the corner; the WD Blue 1,000 GiB is actually an updated version of the SanDisk X400 SSD.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 5: component side of the PCB

The controller used by the WD Blue 1,000 GiB is the Marvell 88SS1074, presented in Figure 6.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 6: controller chip

There are two DDR3-1866 memory chips, with 512 MiB capacity each, model Micron MT41K512M8RG-107, that work as a data buffer.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 7: buffer memory

The flash memory chips are from SanDisk, and unfortunately we couldn’t find the official chip specs.

WD Blue 1TB SSDFigure 8: flash memory chip