Besides having very different technical specs, such as memory amount and type, core count, and even physical size, the video cards tested today are direct competitors since they have the same price.

While the GeForce GTX 980 Ti is a GeForce GTX TITAN X version with “only” 6 GiB of memory and 256 processing cores disabled, the Radeon Fury X brings innovative technology – the HBM memory – which allows this chip to be mounted on a PCB that is pretty smaller than the competitor.

In the matter of performance, however, they proved to be very close. While on the tests using Full HD resolution, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti had a small, but consistent advantage; using 4K UHD resolution, this advantage vanished. We can say that, on the games we tested using 4K UHD resolution, both the video cards have similar performances.

Another point that was clear is that both video cards are powerful enough to run the most recent games under 4K UHD resolution and maximum image quality with a frame rate above 30 fps. So, the gamer or enthusiast user who buys either one will be satisfied.