What UEFI Brings to the Table

Supporting larger than 2.2 TB hard drives and finally being able to use the mouse with a GUI (graphical user interface) are the most advertised benefits that you will see for UEFI because any user can understand it. Here are some other major benefits you gain from going with UEFI:

  • UEFI has OS-Like Functionality. For almost 30 years, you would have to look at a very ugly and archaic menu system which intimidated anyone other than power users. UEFI brings a more refreshing and aesthetically pleasing menu that provides a more organized approach to setting up your system. You can even access the web and email through UEFI, update the BIOS, and soon will see plenty of utilities that help better troubleshoot your system without going into an OS.
  • App Integration. Currently, UEFI has the expanded ROM size to accommodate simple memory tests, hard drive backups, and BIOS flashing support. As time proceeds, you will also see more integration through web-based services and applications that can provide a general computing experience. Pre-OS integration is nothing new, but UEFI aims to deliver it with a more aesthetic look and provide all sorts of additional administrative features.
  • UEFI Paves the Way for Instant Boot Capabilities. Isn’t it about time we were able to hit power on and be at our desktop in less than 10 seconds? That will soon be possible with UEFI and SSD drives. Because the BIOS must go through such an arduous initialization process, UEFI has been designed to support a much larger number of peripherals and devices and can therefore load them much quicker as well.
  • Windows 8 Is Built for UEFI. Microsoft recently held their BUILD conference where they explained in detail the benefits of their upcoming operating system with UEFI. Some rumors have also spread that Windows 8 may not even run on non-UEFI systems! While it is still too early to tell, it is ultimately going to be the direction of future operating systems and will be on the forefront for other future iterations.


Rajiv Kothari is an industry insider who moonlights as a computer enthusiast, providing a different perspective and insight to new technologies.