There’s a slogan printed on the Level 10 M’s box: “born to be seen.” That’s true; the gaming-grade peripheral from Thermaltake’s gaming division, Tt eSports, is really eye-catching. The design, created by German car manufacturer BMW, looks like a concept car from an auto show. The mouse has a see-through aluminum chassis to stimulate air flow with 11 configurable buttons and reaches 8,200 dpi of resolution. We’ll first describe these impressive features, and then see how well the mouse performed in action.

Level 10 MFigure 1: The Level 10 M mouse

The entire mouse is made of aluminum. The underside and the laterals keep the metallic surface visible, but the upper body is rubberized with four color options: black, white, olive green or red. A black longitudinal stripe divides the device in half, from the rubberized scroll wheel to an adjustment screw on the lower body. On the right main button there are four LEDs to indicate the resolution level, and on the left button there is one LED for the user profiles.

Level 10 MFigure 2: Tip of the mouse

On the left side, the user can find the traditional back/forward buttons plus a special one, called the Z button, which looks like a little analog stick from a videogame controller. This button can change the resolution level as well as the user profiles, going in four directions. On the left side of the upper body, there is a grid of hexagonal holes to let the air flow. The right side has two extra programmable buttons. There are no niches for the thumb or pinkie.

Level 10 MFigure 3: Left side

Level 10 MFigure 4: Right side

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